The People's Charter for Higher Conscious Living

  1. Treat people with kindness and courtesy.

  2. Take responsibility for your actions.

  3. Endeavour to be truthful at all times.

  4. The incidence of crimes against the people is minimal in a truthful society, as truth comes from one's conscience, it engenders a natural state of morality.

    There is no crime against the government as it solely represents the will of the people, which is this Charter.

    Prisons are obsolete but secure rehabilitation centres are necessary to educate those who insist on living a life of separatism. They remain the effect of their own actions until they have a change of heart. Common examples of separatism are war, corruption, greed, fraud, child labour, theft, paedophilia, drug & people trafficking, Satanism, rape, murder, covert operations; indeed, any abuse or anti-social behaviour.

  5. The welfare of Mother Nature is to be held in the same esteem as the welfare of all people and everyone has a duty to expose those who put economic gain before her.

  6. Technological and engineering advances are to be encouraged and supported especially where they result in the transformation of free energy into useable free energy. Equally, the entrepreneurial spirit is to be encouraged but profiteering at the expense of others or the environment is categorised as separatism.

  7. There is one government, one currency and a global task force responsible for a fair distribution of the World's resources. Prejudices are found only in history books.

  8. The mainstream media is uncensored and not monopolised.

  9. I think it's necessary to state what should be obvious - that we cannot have a unity consciousness without freedom of speech, unhindered communications and up to the minute disclosure of contact with off/inner World brethren. The super-consciousness here will be our defence against any extra-terrestrial threat and obviously our own terrestrial borders will be a thing of the past, lower consciousness.

  10. The new World education model will focus more on where we are going than from whence we have come. Hence education will be more research based than historical facts and fiction. Children will be taught quantum physics as well as the classical.

  11. When a family cannot afford the long-term care of a relative or uninsured medical bills are beyond their means, then 'aid funds' will assist. Many 'pots of money' will be required for the big concerns e.g. Health, Education, Infrastructure.

  12. People will voluntarily give a percentage of their income to the Master World Fund, from which monies will be allocated to where they are needed. Giving is a quality of the new consciousness. Public appeals will help raise money for other causes. There is no taxation.

  13. As consciousness grows individuals gradually become their own physicians and help others to do the same. What works for one may work for others, even if there is no objective scientific proof. The new Healthcare model will give patients a better choice of treatment and this will synergise the health service into a more holistic approach. We cannot have value 2 of the Charter without individuals taking responsibility for their own health and doctors understanding that they are only responsible for the treatments they give to patients. Better and more informed choices, transparent risks, exacting protocols, shared responsibility; is the way to go.

  14. As this is a Charter for Higher Conscious living, it must include making available the knowledge for everyone to at least have the opportunity to evolve themselves and realise their highest potentials. I believe that the content of this Charter and the knowledge I have made available at, provides a good starting platform to work from.

  15. The end goal for an evolving species is the movement away from self-interest to the motivation that benefits the whole. Currently we live in a world that sacrifices anyone and anything that stands in the way of the self-interest of the few. This is what needs to change and each and everyone of us needs to look at our own motivations ~ Gary Bate.